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Whether you are a contractor looking to landscape a new development or a homeowner in the Utica, NY region hoping to bring new life to your garden, Material Sand & Gravel has the landscaping materials you need to get the job done. We pride ourselves as being environmentally conscious and producing the highest quality, green-friendly topsoil, compost and mulch. Our devotion to using eco-friendly landscaping materials helps keep the Utica, Rome & Herkimer region beautiful and sustainable.



The finest topsoil in the Mohawk Valley region can be had thanks to Material Sand & Gravel. Your trusted source for landscaping materials in the Utica, NY area, we can help you get the topsoil you need, whether you need it for a large new development, athletic field or landscape renovation at your property. We ensure you are getting the highest quality topsoil through proper testing of pH, drainage and organic assurances.

Our high-grade topsoil can be yours by contacting Material Sand & Gravel today. Proudly serving – and delivering – topsoil and other landscaping materials to Utica, Rome, Herkimer, Poland NY and beyond.

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If you want to bring a new look and add life to your garden, mulch from Material Sand & Gravel is your trusted supplier. Mulch is used to protect the soil of your garden and improve the life of your plants by retaining moisture and cooling the ground beneath it all while improving the curb appeal of your property.

Free of dyes and other chemical treatment, mulch from Material Sand & Gravel is sure to make your landscaping projects stand out among the rest. Contact us to learn more about what makes our mulch the finest in the Utica, NY region and order your own today.

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Committed to environmental sustainability, Material Sand & Gravel prides itself in its compost development and distribution throughout Utica, NY and the surrounding region. Key to the health of your plants and crucial to recycling organic nutrients back into the soil, compost is essential in any landscaping endeavor you take on.

Whether you’re looking to bring life to your vegetable garden or lawn, our compost is here to rejuvenate your plants. Large or small quantities, Material Sand & Gravel has the compost you need to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about compost for your landscaping project and place an order today.

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