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Asphalt is a concoction derived from the combination of hot oil, sand and gravel aggregates. Most commonly used for roads and parking areas throughout the country, asphalt can also be used for recreational areas, industrial surfaces, agricultural structural foundations, and most other expanse of construction.


Priding ourselves on an eco-friendliness and sustainability, we supply a green-friendly asphalt product and strive to use recycled materials whenever possible. By collecting used asphalt from local municipalities throughout the Utica area and reprocessing this into reusable aggregates, we conserve natural resources and ensure environmental responsibility.

Providing a broad array of environmentally friendly asphalt products to help you get the job done, Material Sand & Gravel is your trusted asphalt supplier in the Mohawk Valley. Proudly serving Utica, Herkimer, Poland, Rome and beyond, contact us today to learn more or place an order. Our team of material experts can help you select the right asphalt product that will meet your needs and ensure that you are completely supplied in order to get the job done.